Jim Markum's  "Touch Of Brass"
Brass Quintet
Jim Markum's Touch Of Brass, Brass Quintet, features five very
talented musicians.  The members of this quintet will provide the
perfect "touch" to any event....
at a reasonable rate.

There is simply no substitute for quality live music.  Any ceremony
or special occasion can greatly enhanced by a Touch Of Brass.

Jim Markum's Touch Of Brass, Brass Quintet, has a repertoire that
contains a variety of popular and traditional musical choice from
Prelude to Recessional. And let's not forget the Touch Of Brass
Christmas Selections...swingin' your favorite carols with that
signature Jim Markum "kick".

Whatever the occasion, formal or casual,
Jim Markum's Touch Of Brass,  Brass Quintet, will make your
ceremony or special event one that you will remember for many

For information on booking, availability, rates,
or any other questions contact Jim
by phone at: 309-347-5147 or  309-397-5147
email at
Brass Quintet Events
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